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We offer game drives in open 4WD safari vehicles. We usually leave on early morning safaris with a picnic between 6-6.30am and then return for lunch and a rest at the camp. We then go out again in the afternoon between 4-4.30pm and return to camp by 7pm. We can also cater to your wishes should you prefer different timings. The game drives are all done within Ruaha National Park. The routes will vary depending on seasons, time of day and animal location to give the guests the best possible experience.

On foot you are a participant in the world of wildlife rather than a spectator. Your senses awaken and you become part of your environment. Imagine walking the same path as elephants, hear a lion roar in the distance or smell the bush and wildlife. One of the allures of exploring the bush on foot are the smaller things which often get missed in the vehicle – the tracks and trails of animals as well as seeing how important each and every creature is in making nature work. Guests are accompanied by Mark or another camp guide who is armed as well as a TANAPA park ranger. Walks can be booked in advance or whilst in camp and are open to children 16 and over. Truly connect with nature and see things from a different perspective.

Mysterious, exciting and remote, Ikuka is the perfect choice for a holiday of a lifetime. Expect an intimate, relaxed and luxurious safari with panoramic views across the savannah and top guiding. Ruaha is renowned in East Africa for its extraordinary beauty and truly wild landscape. Take your binoculars and a bird guide, and prepare to be astounded by the number of species you can tick off the list. Ruaha is a bird enthusiast’s heaven with the largest number of different bird species to be found in Tanzania.


The ideal spot to spend a honeymoon – romance, beauty and remoteness all in one location. Nestled in a secluded spot in the Ruaha, we are the perfect spot for an intimate getaway!


We love to host families and our staff can enrich the experience even further. Our guides teach tracking, our chefs can show you how to prepare a local dish and our waiters can teach Swahili phrases.


For any keen photographers Mark or one of our guides can set up your camera and give tips on catching the perfect wildlife shot.


We support conservation projects in our area, including STEP (Southern Tanzania Elephant Program) and RCP (Ruaha Carnivore Project). We also offer internships to students from the local Mkuyu Guide School.

The vast Ruaha-Rungwa ecosystem holds one of the largest remaining elephant populations in East Africa, estimated at around 15,500 individuals in 2018. Under the affiliated research project “Ecology and Conservation of the Elephant Metapopulation of South-central Tanzania”, Southern Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP) is studying the ecology, demography, and behaviour of elephants in Ruaha National Park. The goal of this study is to understand how elephants use Ruaha at different times of year, and to monitor known family groups and bulls over time to build a picture of home ranges and understand how the population is faring based on their age-and-sex structure and breeding indicators. Ikuka Safari Camp serves as a home base to the STEP elephant monitoring team as they conduct their monthly fieldwork.

We have been receiving requests for a fly camp experience since we opened; you asked and we listened! The Rock House is our version of a “sleep-out” or “fly-camp,” we were looking to offer something different and these 2 large rocks right on our door step have made the perfect foundation for our newest addition. Sleep under the stars in our new Rock House! The tent itself is on a raised wooden platform between the 2 rocks and can be fully zipped up. There is a bucket shower and toilet on the deck. The area will be patrolled by a guard and one of our armed guides will also sleep close by in a tent and he can be contacted via radio. Dining will be candlelit under the stars with a mini bar cool box on hand with all the guests preferred drinks.


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