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Each of our 7 spacious tents have been incorporated onto the Ikuka escarpment with fantastic views over Ruaha National Park. The interiors comprise of white quartz from the escarpment itself along with other locally and sustainable sourced materials. The rooms have 24 hour electricity, fans and hot water as well as large super-king beds, a spacious bathroom area and a lounge area complete with comfortable leather seating leading out onto large private balconies. We have 1 family room, perfect for couples or families.

Set up high on the Ikuka escarpment overlooking the Mwagusi river, our central communal area is comprised of a well stocked bar, a comfortable lounge area, an airy dining space, a swimming pool with a lounging deck and an upstairs chill-out library area. The light, contemporary and airy communal spaces are all intimately designed to make you feel at home and relaxed during your stay.

Seasoned African safari veterans, Mark and Chloe Sheridan Johnson are your hosts at Ikuka. Their authentic, first hand knowledge expands the entire region helping them to create an intimate and personalized experience.

Ikuka employs 26 permanent staff including chefs and guides, not to mention all the guys who work so hard behind the scenes to make your stay magical. Mark and Chloe and the rest of the team look forward to welcoming you to Ikuka and the wilderness of Ruaha.


Mark and Chloe met in the Selous Game Reserve, sharing a passion for the African wilderness; they have worked for many years at some of the finest safari camps in Tanzania. Mark is based in the camp and Chloe splits her time between Ruaha National Park and Iringa with their daughters.


Giles was born and raised in Mombasa and had the vision to open a safari camp with Mark & Chloe when he came to Tanzania to visit them a few years ago. He is passionate about wildlife and conservation and now also about Ruaha National Park, his new second home!


Tom grew up in East Africa where he fell in love with the bush. He’s a keen amateur photographer with a passion for wildlife, especially insects and birds. He has a strong sense of adventure and he started to visit Ruaha at just a few weeks old and is now very excited to call it home.


Born and raised in the coastal woods of California Chevy has always felt most at home in the wilderness. With a background in hospitality and wellness education, she feels passionate about how being in the bush elevates our natural state of wellbeing, and loves welcoming people to experience the unique magic of Ruaha.


Festo accompanied his dad (a ranger in Rungwa and Selous Game Reserve) on numerous patrols and developed a fascination for nature and wildlife. Now a professional tour guide, he loves sharing his knowledge and stories with our guests and is happy to be in Ruaha, next to Rungwa where he spent his childhood.


From Arusha, Idris has a deep love for animals and passion for nature. He started as a waiter at Beho Beho and in 2016 he received a golden opportunity to train as a nature guide. 7 years later he has experience from Nyerere national park, Tarangire National Park and now Ruaha National Park.


From southern Tanzania, Geoffry has been working in Ruaha for 10 years. He loves to share his knowledge of wildlife with visitors from all over the world. He’s a budding photographer and his snaps are often seen on our social media pages. His favourite animal is the Leopard and as an avid birder, his favourite is the Martial eagle.

From Kilimanjaro region, Mustapha has been a guide in Tanzania for 10 years and has worked in many of the major national parks in the country. His speciality is walking and enjoys the wild and untouched side of Ruaha. A true nature lover, he loves meeting people from all different nations, cultures and environments through his work.
From Mufindi in southern Tanzania, Luka started his guiding career with us. He was one of our first members of staff and since coming to Ruaha he has been studying the flora and fauna and has become a very passionate guide. He loves adventure and showing guests the beauty that Ruaha has to offer.

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